Women Need Other Women! (Happy Mother’s Day 2024)

This article is for all WOMEN, mothers or not.

In safe relationships,
You can trust that you will not be lied to
And will be free of exploitation,
Where the other does not feel superior at your expense,
Does not betray your confidences,
Or intrude upon your boundaries.
” (Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., author of Goddesses in Every Woman)

The Western Woman (like you and me) needs other women in her life. Actively. Consistently. Reliably.
We need to return to the ancient wisdom of our female ancestors from thousands of years ago, who knew how to grow and stay together through rituals, rights of passage, retreats, singing, art, listening, crying, laughing, and giving each other strength in times of hardship.

Most women I know and meet, struggle with:

  • healing / recovery after one or more abusive intimate relationships
  • feeling undeserving and unworthy
  • don’t speak up and don’t stand up for themselves
  • money, career, professional satisfaction
  • childcare (they have nobody to help with the raising of their children)

The average Western woman is ALONE or nearly-alone in her monumental task of being a “good mother” , a “good wife” , a remarkable working professional, and a steady breadwinner, while staying healthy, happy, fit and psychologically sane.

There is no easy fix to this very complex 21st century societal problem. However, there is A LOT you can do to help yourself, if you are a woman:

1) Join my monthly Women’s Circle on Zoom, at no cost to you. The next one is on JUNE 8, at 10 AM EST.
    Message me to send you the private link.
2) Attending my first IN-PERSON Women’s Circle on June 30. Location: Miami/Fort Lauderdale. Message me for details.
3) Start your own circle.
4) Join an existing circle in your local area.
5) Work with me 1:1.

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