Women’s Circle Invitation, FREE, on Zoom, May 11

This invitation is for YOU!

In celebration of ALL WOMEN for Mother’s Day 2024 (also, International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 8), I invite you to a circle of support with other women.

I will handpick the participants to ensure absolute psychological safety of everyone attending. The meeting is private and will not be recorded. What happens in the meeting stays in the meeting.

Make sure to DM me on Instagram @prof_mihaela to get the link, or on WhatsUp if you have my number.

Topics to expect, but not limited to:

  • health, hormones, and happiness
  • relationships and sexuality
  • exhaustion and burnout
  • tips, tricks and tools for holistic wellbeing

My goal is to create a permanent women’s support group and meet once a month moving forward. We need each other more than ever to share our stories, to be heard and listened to, to maintain social connections and make new friends in a world that promotes isolation and separation.

I can’t wait to see YOU next Saturday, on Zoom. Hugs,

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