Happy Easter! What are you re-birthing?

Many people are celebrating Easter this Sunday. I want to honor this holiday by asking you what the meaning of Easter is to you. What does it represent in your mind? What are you celebrating?

In this article, all religious meanings are set aside. I want to invite you to honor Easter as a metaphor for change, evolution, re-discovery and re-birthing. It’s a time to be intentional about reuniting with all parts of you.

Here are few guiding questions for self-reflection:

  • What aspects of me I feel ashamed about?
  • What aspects of me am I still rejecting?
  • Am I clear about my needs and priorities ?
  • Am I supported? If not, what can I do to build a support system around me?
  • Which of my relationships are in need of repair?
  • Which of my relationships do I need to let go of – in gratitude?
  • Am I clear about my life vision ?

If you don’t see the connection between this topic and conscious parenting , here it is: your personal frustrations, unmet needs, lack of clarity, and lack of vision- directly impacts how you show up as a parent. This work is not easy and you may need to work with a therapist or a coach in the beginning.

Easter is a time for:

  • shedding old programming and replacing it with new beliefs and thoughts ( mental workout );
  • starting a physical workout regime;
  • becoming aware of automatic reactions;
  • taking action.

Happy Easter!

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