Your Home is a Petri Dish (want it or not!)✨

Hello, dear conscious parent💟

Let’s talk about the importance of the ENVIRONMENT for a child’s brain development and future well-being.

Today, I want to put things in perspective for you. First, read below excerpts from The Biology of Belief, book by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.:

“Young children carefully observe their environment and download the worldly wisdom offered by parents directly into their subconscious memory. As a result, their parents’ behavior and beliefs become their own […] These beliefs become ‘hard-wired’ as synaptic pathways in the subconscious. […] Tension between conscious willpower and subconscious programming can result in serious neurological disorders.”

“In a response similar to that displayed by cells, humans unavoidably restrict their growth behaviors when they shift into a protective mode. In order to survive, you summon all your energy for your fight or flight response. Redistributing energy reserves to fuel the protection response inevitably results in a curtailment of growth.

“What’s the connection with parenting?” – you may ask. Here’s the connection & why this is SO URGENT to understand:

  • if your child doesn’t feel safe at home, your child is in constant protective/ survival mode;
  • not feeling safe doesn’t only refer to physical safety;
  • a child WILL NOT feel safe and will perceive his/her environment as threatening if:
    • mom and dad are fighting
    • mom and dad are divorcing/ separating
    • mom or dad are using the child post-separation to “teach the other parent a lesson”, or to seek personal  vindication (counter-parenting)
    • mom is pregnant
    • child has multiple siblings and mom and dad do not spend 1:1 time with the child
    • mom or dad are working all the time
    • mom or dad are on their phones/TV/ video games most of the time
    • mom or dad can’t hold healthy limits for the child (permissive parenting)
    • mom or dad punish the child for showing strong emotions like anger or resentment
    • mom or dad can’t hold space to listen to child’s emotional releases
    • mom or dad do not have support for their own mental & emotional health (therapy, coaching, support groups).
  • a child will use all their brain energy to self-protect and cope, and will have no energy left for growth; in a child’s life, this means:
    • child will not do well in school (poor academics)
    • child will not develop age- appropriate social skills (making friends easily, caring for others)
    • child will not access their inborn creativity
    • child will not speak up for what they want and need
    • child will not show curiosity about the world
    • child will crush their own dreams very early on
    • child can become a victim of bullying in school or other forms of abuse
    • child can develop substance or digital addictions
    • child will have little to zero self-esteem or positive regard for the Self.

This is not a personal opinion, it is science. It is parents’ NO.1 responsibility to create a stable, harmonious emotional environment in their homes and their children’s lives. I know this is not always possible, but at least one parent must strive for this goal.

If you need help in creating a GROWTH-ORIENTED ENVIRONMENT in your child’s life, join my program.
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