The State of Parenting Today

Dr. Gabor Mate, in his most recent book, The  Myth of Normal, writes:

Our cultural ecology does not support attuned, present, responsive, connected parenting. As we have seen, the destabilization begins with stress transmitted to infants still in the womb, with the mechanization of birth, the attenuation of the parenting instinct, and the denial of the child’s developmental needs. It continues with the increasingly intolerable economic and social pressures on parents these  days and the erosion of community ties, and magnifies with the disinformation parents receive on how to rear their young. Reinforced by educational systems that too often stress students with pressure to compete, the process culminates in the exploitation of children and  youth for the  glory of the consumer market. ” (page 180)

I just finished the book, and I am praying that every single human being on this planet reads it, starting with parents. The more we understand our own societal and cultural environment, the better we become in our parenting, our health, the relationship with our bodies and minds, and the world around us. One book alone cannot change, fix, or heal anyone. However, it can certainly entice us to take more responsibility for our personal levels of self-awareness and consciousness.

As I wrote in the past, a conscious parent is a :

  • present
  • mindful
  • aware
  • authentic
  • compassionate
  • connected
  • heart-centered
  • intentional
  • on-purpose
  • relationship-centered parent

Society doesn’t make it easy on parents; cultural conditioning even less. So, it is up to each of us to consciously create a support system that is safe, knowledgeable and empowering. Join my Conscious Parent Accelerator Program today to get the support you need in your parenting.

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