A Good Enough Parent is a Great Parent!

We live in a highly competitive society. Perfection-promising brands, products, and advertising surround us everywhere we turn, from perfectly curated feeds on social media, to seemingly perfect lives of friends and celebrities. Most of us feel disillusioned, disempowered and “less than” because the standards are simply impossible to reach.

For women, it gets even harder. Not only are we expected to “be good mothers”, but we also must:

  • have a great career
  • keep the house clean and tidy
  • cook homemade meals
  • workout ( look good- whatever that means!)
  • stay forever young -looking
  • have a side hustle, if possible
  • have a hobby or two
  • prioritize self-care
  • be “a good” sister, friend, daughter, wife, etc…
  • … and the list goes on… (fill in the blanks for your own situation)

All moms I know are superheros. They make magic happen every day, showing up for their children in a myriad of ways by listening, holding limits, playing, scheduling, keeping the routines in check, and caring.

Is it “all perfect”? NO! And that’s ok. As long as we repair it when the connection gets broken, the relationship will be OK. Repair is important.

And so… I hope we all remember that “good enough” is actually great in parenting.
Good enough-ness comes from consistency in behavior over time, which builds trust and a sense of certainty (reliability). We are good enough parents when we:

  • keep our promises, small and big
  • follow daily routines
  • advocate for our kids’ interests at school
  • listen without judging, interrupting or lecturing
  • work on ourselves in therapy, coaching or other healing practices
  • play to connect
  • don’t take things so seriously
  • apologize
  • say “I love you” often
  • give hugs and kisses
  • offer Special Time
  • are spontaneous
  • keep the vision of the relationship above all else.

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*** From a mom in my program***:

“I want to say thank you, Mihaela! The program you put together and the constant support you give us in our different situations and struggles with our kids are an invaluable treasure. My wish for a better humanity is that every parent has access to this wonderful resource… from the bottom of my heart, thank you again and again.”

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