You Know Your Parenting is Working When…

You know your child better than anyone else.
You know yourself better than anyone else.
You know when your child needs your attention for repair or reconnection after a rupture.

But how do we know if our parenting, overall, is working? Which means: the relationship has a solid baseline of safety, trust and connection.

You know your parenting is working when (depending of the age of the child):

  • your child melts down mostly with you; in contrast, she/he is very composed at school, with the babysitter, or sometimes, even with the other parent;
  • your child shows you his/her anger through different behaviors;
  • your child is not afraid to tell you they got “a warning” in school for breaking a rule;
  • your child jokes about you with you/uses some level of sarcasm – all in the limits of common sense and respect;
  • your child tells you upfront how they feel, or what they think about an issue without feeling responsible, guilty or ashamed for having a different point of view;
  • your child feels safe to ask for personal time and space when they feel the need to decompress;
  • your child is not afraid to make mistakes;
  • your child is not afraid to ask for help when something painful or scary happens to them or around them;
  • your child shares with you about their daily activities, events, friendships enough that you have a strong sense that you are “a part of their life”.

What would you add to this list? How do you know your parenting is going well? Tell me on Instagram @parenting.made.conscious, or on Facebook.

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