My Gift to You! (act fast!)

Hello, dear conscious parent๐ŸŽ

As you know, I help parents go from angry & exhausted to present & connected by equipping them with hands-on tools for conscious parenting, because conscious parenting is:

  • connection-based parenting
  • aware parenting
  • mindful parenting

I truly believe that the future of your child is in YOUR HANDS. The way you parent today has a life-long effect on how your child’s brain develops๐Ÿ‘ถ . In other words, you + the family environment today determine who your child is becoming as an adult. This includes your child’s:

  • self-esteem
  • creativity
  • independence
  • resiliency
  • academic success
  • social + emotional skills, and much more.

The hard thing in parenting is never the child. It is our own cultural conditioning, lack of education and lack of self-knowledge.
Good parenting starts with the parent and how well that parent is supported. That’s why my program has:

  • 2 live coaching sessions with me every week – for lifetime (worth 16,000 $ in 2021 for my clients)
  • recorded coaching calls in case you miss it;
  • teaching videos online – for lifetime;
  • an exclusive private Facebook group with parents like you.

This holiday season, please give your child the gift ๐ŸŽ that really matters:ย  a present & connected way of parenting. It is the only way to set your child up for success and mental health.

Become a Founding Member of my program today- I am accepting 10 new parents at a special price. Read below what my clients say about the program:
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