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Hello, dear conscious parent 💟

Design Thinking is a concept in business innovation pioneered by the amazing at Stanford University. I loved it so much that I even took a course with them about 6 years ago! In a nutshell, the process of design thinking follows 5 clear steps:


Why do I make this parallel today? Because parents, like many business leaders, spend their energy on “fixing the problem” instead of finding out THE REAL problem by asking different questions.

In parenting, these “problems” usually sound this like:

  • my child is a slow reader;
  • my child is very shy;
  • my child can’t stop playing video games;
  • my boy is too aggressive;
  • my girl is not assertive enough;
  • my child is not a Math-person;
  • my child is a picky eater;
  • my child was born “like that”;
  • I can’t be silly with my kids- my job is to teach them about life;
  • my child’s difficult personality is genetic;
  • I give up. I am too exhausted.

Therefore, I invite you today to challenge yourself with these questions every time you catch yourself rushing to “fix the problem”:

  1. Can I ask myself a different question? What could that be?
  2. Can I look at this situation from a different point of view? What could that be?
  3. Can I put myself in my child’s shoes for 72 hours? What do I see, feel and experience?
  4. Can I listen more and talk less? What am I noticing about myself when I listen and I don’t talk?
  5. Can I allow myself to experiment with different ideas expecting them “not to work” ( and be OK with that)?

💞 BONUS SIDE NOTE: This exercise will work wonders in your relationship with your partner! Be brave and give it a try for a week. Let me know what happens.

This work is not easy, and you can’t do it alone. Let me and the parents in my program be your village.
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