Women’s Circle (#3) July 6, on Zoom

Here’s what happened at our last Women’s Circle, in case you’ve missed it,  we worked together on dynamics related to:

  • Trust / in the World / in the Self 
  • Self- Doubt
  • Parts Work
  • Indecision / Fear of Decision Making
  • Risk – Adversity / Relationship to “Failure “
  • Compassion and Self – Compassion

We did:

  • Grounding (I used some Yoga Nidra techniques)
  • Body Work
  • Breathwork

Books recommended:

  • NO BAD PARTS (R. Schwartz)
  • WHEN THE BODY SAYS NO (Gabor Maté)


  • Circles on Zoom are free but you must RSVP in advance, and held in English exclusively.
  • Must have 1.5 hours available to attend, free of distractions and worries, to the best of your ability. This is YOUR time to offload, connect and find support. Being somewhere inside is better than outside.
  • Refrain from using phones, laptops, or having multiple windows opened on your screen.
  • Wear comfortable clothes; sit on something comfortable. We do 5-10 minutes grounding in the beginning, and we work with the body, as needed.
  • I work with one volunteer in the “middle of the circle”. Nothing is recorded. Everything is confidential. By default, all participants agree to honor what’s being shared as sacred. No one will disclose any personal information post-attendance.
  • I use the Compassionate Inquiry approach when I work with the volunteer. The topic can be anything the volunteer wants to work on.
NEXT WOMEN’S CIRCLE:  JULY 6, at 10 AM EST. *****Will you join?****
Here’s what some of the women had to say after the Circle in June:
“I love the idea of sharing my life with other women.”
” It was an excellent session. I resonated with the volunteer because I know how hard this is. I can’t wait for the next circle.”
” Thank you for the space you created today, Mihaela. It’s inspiring and healing to experience Compassionate Inquiry this way.
It’s very helpful for all of us.”
” All my interactions with you feed my soul, Mihaela.I admire your courage, your communication and your energy.”
” Beautiful session.”
” It’s beautiful what you’re doing, Mihaela, in these circles. I can feel your passion. Thank you.”

Show up. Stand up. Speak up.
Grow Your Mind, Grow Your Life.

See you on July 6, on Zoom. Message me for the link (I need your email to send the invite and zoom link).
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