My Work Is Compassionate Inquiry-Informed (what it means for you)

It is my joy and honour to inform you that The Compassionate Inquiry approach informs my work after completing the 330-hour year-long professional training.

What is Compassionate Inquiry (CI) ?

Compassionate Inquiry® is a psychotherapeutic approach created by Dr. Gabor Maté over several decades while working with both patients and retreat participants. This approach gently uncovers and releases the layers of childhood trauma, constriction and suppressed emotion embedded in the body, that are at the root of mental and physical illness and addiction.

When clients perceive the therapeutic relationship as a safe container, compassion and curiosity allow them to acknowledge and examine the traumatic events that happened to them as children, recognize the beliefs they internalized, and feel the emotions they suppressed. This contributes to the healing process.
(from the CI website)

How does my CI training benefit YOU, should you work with me?

  • I meet you with compassion and respect for your process, wherever you are in the process.
  • I teach you how to go from self-judgement, low self esteem, and feeling “not good enough” to curiosity , self- inquiry and self- compassion.
  • I show up authentic.
  • I help you see the story that holds you back.
  • I have no personal agenda to impose on you.
  • I make space for whatever arises.
  • I guide you back to your body.
  • I stay present.
  • I model, and I mirror back to you.
  • I listen. I ask questions. I stay open and curious.
  • I don’t attempt to “fix”you.
  • I am responsible for the relational container that develops between us in a session.
  • I ask for permission to carry on.
  • I use stories, personal examples sometimes, and books references to support your growth and healing.

If you are a parent, this work will help you break generational trauma, and allow your children to develop optimally, as their authentic selves.
If you are not a parent, this work will help you have functional and meaningful relationships in your life.

Work with me for 8 weeks this summer.
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