Summer Recommendations from Mihaela (+8 weeks coaching)

Summer is here; kids are off from school for the next 2 months or so. What are you going to do, for yourself and for your kids?
Here are my ideas and recommendations to make this summer memorable for the entire family: (take what resonates with you, leave the rest!):


  1. Read Fast Like A Girl, book by Dr. Mindy Pelz (hormonal balance, intermittent fasting, lifestyle, biohacking, better health)
  2. Take at least one day, or one weekend off, just for you, to disconnect, and reset your nervous system.
  3. Practice Yoga Nidra meditations every time you miss sleep, or feel overwhelmed.
  4. Join my monthly Women’s Circles; free of charge; on Zoom, from 10 AM -11:30 AM EST. Next one: JULY 6. Email me or DM-me if you’re interested.
  5. Make at least one lifestyle change that improves your sleep, your food or your exercise. Start with one this summer.
  6. Work with me for 8 weeks to get the breakthrough you need, in my 8-week coaching program.

IDEAS FOR MOM/DAD + CHILD (parenting relationship):

  1. Offer your child Special Time at least 3 times per week. If you don’t know where to start, type ‘special time” on my blog, and read previous articles.
  2. Prioritize PLAY before anything else (before academic work, structured sports, cleaning the room, etc). I am referring here to unstructured play for the children, and when needed, Play listening/playful parenting. Again, if you don’t know what I mean, check my blog or work with me over the summer.
  3. Set clear limits around electronics and video games.
  4. Read The Anxious Generation, book by Jonathan Haidt.
  5. Prioritize experiences over things/ stuff/ toys. Less is more when it comes to “stuff”. Create experiences such as being outside,walking, camping, going to the beach, visiting a new town, volunteering, gardening, making art, playing. Experiences are about family connection and BEING TOGETHER,  not doing anything extraordinary or expensive.

Buddha said: “It is your mind that creates the world.”
However, as Dr. Gabor Mate points out in his books and lectures, ” before we created the world, the World ( aka, family of origin, cultural context, upbringing circumstances) created our mind”.

In the 8 weeks together, I help you to:

  • understand your mind, literally; you will be surprised !
  • befriend all parts of yourSelf, and work with each of them as they show up
  • work with your mind from a place of self- compassion and expansion
  • overcome unconscious self-imposed limitations due
  • understand the body- mind connection, and how trauma affects your nervous system
  • get in touch with your forgotten authenticity and courage
  • embrace change
  • introduce mindfulness tools in your routine
  • use connection-based parenting tools if you are a parent. (you don’t have to be a parent to work with me over the summer)
What clients say about me:

I absolutely love working with her!
I will start by saying a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mihaela helped me tremendously improve my relationship with my son, with myself and the world around. Her techniques, her knowledge, her compassion and her ways of making me feel safe, seen, validated, have made me reach in such a short time to the root of my pain and disconnection from my authentic self. Thank you for helping me recognize, accept and integrate all parts of me and for giving me the necessary instruments to live a life free of triggers and wounds, connected, present and at peace with myself and my loved ones.
( mom, USA)


The Human Compass – this is how I would best describe my therapeutic journey with Mihaela. One leg firmly rooted within myself, the other extending outside myself, shaping my reality with a sense of agency – essentially becoming my own life architect. With Mihaela, we ‘ve not only identified root problems but also engaged in practices and exercises, which helped me redirect my focus from toxic mindsets to the creation of new, empowering realities. Mihaela listens to understand, having no trace of judgement whatsoever which allows me to feel safe. She also holds a strong capacity of synthesizing large amounts of information and do a ‘’screenshot’’ of the issue at hand. The sessions with Mihaela empower me, revealing that all the resources I require – love, care, will, and more – exist within myself. (woman, Europe)

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