VIDEO The Inner Space: Conscious Parenting

Today I want to share with you the webinar that I hosted last week for Wevolution, a not-for-profit organization that “empowers women from within”. I’ve been a member of Wevolution for a few years and I am so grateful for Maria’s leadership and mentorship; the network of amazing women that I have access to and the support I receive when I need it. Learn more about Wevolution and its membership benefits here.

Without further ado, I invite you to watch the full video (1hour, 14 minutes).

Please share the link on your social media and tag me (#plugarasu) or my Facebook Page, Parenting Made Conscious (#parentingmadeconscious). Also, as you’re watching, pay attention to what rises in your body, your emotions and feelings of resistance/openness to what I’m saying, and any questions you may have. Message me your comment or your question on Facebook (click here)  or Instagram (click here).

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