Is #Healing Possible?

Hello, dear conscious parent

You’ve heard me before saying that conscious parenting is the sure path to personal transformation. Why is that, you may ask? Well, because there is no other relationship in which we are so deeply invested as the parenting relationship. As a result, becoming a conscious parent is inevitably going to change you, me and everyone else around us.

I know for a fact that HEALING is possible if you:

  • are patient;
  • are doing the self-reflective work of looking within before you react or take your anger on your child or your partner;
  • stay committed to the work of self-awareness, day in and day out.

How do I know that I made progress in my #HEALING Journey (which started almost 9 years ago)?

  • I’ve just spent 6 days on a family vacation with my son and his dad (my ex) in North Carolina, for the first time after 6 years, and we all had a wonderful time: it was easy, flowing, friendly and mutually respectful;
  • I rarely lose my temper with my son now; our relationship and communication are based in unconditional love, understanding needs, prioritizing emotional balance, and lots of listening;
  • I rarely lose my temper with people in general, no matter what they say to me; I’ve learned to walk away with exquisite elegance ๐Ÿค—;
  • I prioritize self-care and balance more than even before in my life (eating healthy; working out; spending quality time with my close friends; writing; and expanding my creative work at my own pace);
  • I don’t criticize, shame or belittle any aspect of myself (this was a hard one to achieve, but I did it ๐Ÿ’Ÿ);
  • I’ve learned to detach and let go of people who don’t support my growth and healing;
  • I dare to dream bigger than even before for myself.

Do I still have work to do? Do I still have fears? Absolutely! The point is not to rush to the finish line, but to enjoy the ride- of healing, that is.

What is your #HEALING Journey? Where did you begin? Where are you now? DM me onย  Instagram @mihaelpl


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