Time-In is Good (for Moms & Dads)

When was the last time you took time-in for yourself, without the kids?
How guilty do you feel when you do take time for yourself, without the kids?

In our society, taking time for ourselves is a luxury and a privilege – I recognize that. It takes a village to raise a child, and most parents in the United States have no support whatsoever. We can safely say that this is the tragedy of modern parenting.

I define time-in as a short period of time in which the parent takes time to check-in with themselves, reflect or relax.
Time-in can look differently  for each parent, depending on personal needs, gender, culture, and even religion. My intention today is to invite you to reflect on these questions with honesty and self-compassion:

  • What does time-in look like for you?
  • How often do you take time-in?
  • How do you manage to plan time-in for yourself?
  • What does your  support  system (your  village) look like, if any?
  • How do you handle guilt and shame when you manage to take time-in?
  • Is taking time-in harder for moms or for dads? Why?

Let’s normalize the fact that parents need support. Write to me about your experience with  time-in on Facebook, Instagram or email.

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NOV. 30, 12PM EST

This webinar is for you especially if:

  • you have children under 12 years of age
  • you are divorced (divorcing) and are co-parenting
  • your ex is high-conflict and co-parenting is difficult
  • you are struggling with shame or guilt as a mom

Parenting is hard and isolating. In this webinar, I will share my ABC Formula to go from angry to calm in the middle of the storm, and share  connection-based tools to build the family you want.


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