8 Parenting Lessons from 2022 – What Are Yours?

We are less than 30 days away from the new year. If 2022 was a hard year, you are not alone. My hope is that you have a robust support system around you and, if you don’t, please consider this your No.1 priority for 2023. My program can help.

Here are my 8 lessons from 2022 :

  1. As children get older and become more independent, they need us close to them even more.
  2. Physical exercise is fundamental, and not optional. Children copy what we do, not what we say we ‘ll do.
  3. Playing outdoors following the child’s lead is healing, bonding and deeply connecting. Best investment of time.
  4. Holding firm limits around kids’ social media and screen time is our responsibility, as parents. Smartphones are highly addictive.
  5. Containing the child (holding space, listening) is the answer to most challenges in parenting. Also, the hardest skill to master.
  6. Apologizing for our mistakes/repairing teaches children personal accountability and healthy relationships dynamics. Parenting is not about perfection; it is about connection and personal growth self-awareness).
  7. Psychotherapy, coaching, support groups, or any other form of self-healing must remain a constant in a parent’s life.
  8. Taking long breaks from social media is vital for my sense of Self, and overall mental health.

What are your lessons from 2022? I can’t wait to hear them – write to me on Instagram or Facebook.

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Time flies fast. Don’t wait and hope for the best.
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