Happy Mother’s Day…because every day is Mother’s Day.

My dear MOMS everywhere,
Be it March 8 ( International Women’s Day), May 13 or any other day of the year, I invite us all to be in awareness of the magnificent work that we are doing – raising our children with unconditional love, endless patience and relentless commitment.
At any given moment, we do our very best with the knowledge and the tools that we have. Equally, at any given moment, we have choices: to change our default habits and behaviors, to inquire within about our own emotional triggers, to raise our level of consciousness, to connect more with our children, to listen more,  to create our own support groups and “safe spaces” to be listened to.
After a beautiful Mother’s Day spent with my son this Sunday, I am inviting you to DO LESS and ENJOY THE PRESENT MOMENT WITH YOUR CHILD MORE. Try these ideas today, and any day:

  • get caught in the rain and …have fun;
  • watch a movie together; make it a lazy afternoon;
  • let your child pick your outfit one day;
  • play tag and let your child  win;
  • have breakfast in bed  with your child ( however messy);
  • run or bike in the puddles  ( the muddier , the better);
  • make up a game together; allow your child to take the lead;
  • role play ; invite your child to be the teacher,  the parent or the older sibling;
  • hang your child’s art work or projects around the house;
  • have a cake and wear party hats  for no reason;
  • start a silly faces contest;
  • make up jokes;
  • laugh more; take yourself less seriously ( at times
  • play hide & seek in the house;
  • play “hot & cold” in the house;
  • if you are really courageous … adopt a pet:-)

Yours in gratitude,
PS: Please, share your fun ideas of playtime in the present moment in the comments.

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