Are You Celebrating? Moments That Matter.

Hello, dear conscious parent 💟!

Parenting is hard by nature.
The pandemic makes it even harder.
Working from home while homeschooling makes every day more challenging than ever before.
Humanity is confronting major crises and we feel helpless in the face of current global events.

Exactly because of this, we must celebrate all moments that matter, small or big, every day. I want to remind you that you are the model for your child. You must model for them joy, gratitude, appreciation, and celebration of the small moments that matter. Furthermore, you must celebrate yourself for your personal victories.

Here are some examples of personal victories that I want you to start celebrating:

  • you gave your child a hug for no reason;
  • you handled a tantrum with calm and playfulness;
  • you didn’t yell in 3 days;
  • you showed up for a job interview;
  • you had coffee with your friend;
  • you scheduled your hair appointment after 14 months;
  • you left the dishes undone to catch up on your 8 hours of sleep;
  • you played outside with your child, got really dirty and didn’t care;
  • you had icecream before dinner just to break the rule once;
  • you finally finished the book you started 6 months ago;
  • you pitched your services to a new client;
  • you cried of joy;
  • you spoke your truth to your partner, and asked for what you wanted;
  • you stood up for yourself despite feeling intimidated;
  • you started a project that makes you happy.

You are worth celebrating.
Your work as a parent matters.
Your emotional and mental health matters. Take the time to pause and acknowledge the moments that matter.

Here’s what a parent in my Conscious Parent Accelerator Program told me this week:

Speaking of my course, here's what a parent in my Conscious Parent Accelerator Program told me this week:
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