Conscious Co-Parenting – Mihaela on The Real Talk Podcast

I had the great joy of speaking with Raquel Ramirez, the host of The Real Talk, a podcast about life, love, divorce and real estate.

We talked about Conscious Co-Parenting vs. Parental Alienation. The episode is 1H+18 minutes, and I hope you can listen to it this weekend, regardless if you are divorced or not.


Click here to listen the podcast


The Human Compass – this is how I would best describe my journey with Mihaela; one leg firmly rooted within myself, the other extending outside myself, shaping my reality with a sense of agency – essentially becoming my own life architect. She helped me identify the roots of my problems, and also engaged in practices and exercises, which helped me redirect my focus from toxic mindsets to the creation of new, empowering realities.  Mihaela listens to understand, having no judgement whatsoever -which allows me to feel safe. She also holds a strong capacity to synthesize large amounts of information and to do a ‘’screenshot’’ of the issue at hand. Following the initial step of increasing self- awareness, she guided me to do practical work, using pen and paper to articulate ideas, explore feelings, assess needs,  and tap into my inner resources: love, care, will power and compassion. This work is very empowering. Thank you. (woman, 39 y.o., Europe)

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