(Self)Compassion & Conscious Parenting

Recently, I had the privilege to work 1:1 with several women; some of them moms, some of them single, some of them coupled with no children yet. I want to thank them again for their trust in me as I do my training (practice) in the Compassionate Inquiry for Professionals program with Dr. Gabor Mate in 2023.

What I’ve noticed as a commonality among all sessions is a deeply seated (unconscious) lack of compassion for the Self. This also applies to me and most women on this planet. In the process of early adaptation to the environment (0-7 years old), we learn to:

  • judge ourselves harshly
  • set impossible standards to live by
  • identify with the “voices in our head”
  • take care of everyone’s needs, except ours
  • and more….

This observation is important because it dictates how we show up with our children, ourselves, and in relationships.

Of course, learning how to develop self-compassion (non-judgement, acceptance) is not an overnight process; it takes time, patience, and a compassionate guide (therapist, coach) but it is possible, within everyone’s reach and it’s learnable.

Today, I invite you to read Dr. Gabor Mate’s books- whichever you resonate with the most. He has free chapters or descriptions on his website; just start with one. (https://drgabormate.com/book/)

If you have specific questions about Compassionate Inquiry work, email me or DM-me on Instagram.

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