Parenting Problems Are Relationship Problems (I can help you)

What are your summer plans? Are you stuck in how things are going with your kids?

Here’s what I know for sure:

  • There is no magic formula to “make it go away”; the same issues will be here tomorrow, and next week, and next month, and next year, if you don’t address it now;
  • There is no quick fix for relationship issues; parenting problems are relationship problems, never “kids problems”;
  • There is nobody to blame; it is not your fault nor your child’s fault; everyone is being set up to fail in our toxic culture;
  • You can repair the relationship once you learn the HOW (tools) and the WHY (your personal growth process);
  • You can’t do this work alone; nobody can; we all need guidance at key points in our lives.

Here’s how I can help you and your child, in my 8 weeks coaching program this summer:


  • Inner child wounds & healing work
  • Self-parenting work
  • Triggers & self-regulation
  • Attachment theory & attachment styles
  • Unconscious beliefs
  • Relationships as mirrors
  • Emotional literacy
  • Map of consciousness
  • Coming back into your body


  • Learning to be present
  • Present moment barometer
  • “As Is”-ness as a way of life
  • Fear & expectations
  • Cultivating daily gratitude


  • The science of connection
  • Tools for connection with your child
  • The neuroscience of emotions
  • Adverse childhood experiences ( ACE’s)
  • Conscious CoParenting for divorced parents & blended families
  • Conscious Creation of your family & life

Recent Testimonial from a MOM:

I absolutely love working with her!
I will start by saying a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mihaela helped me tremendously improve my relationship with my son, with myself and the world around me. Her techniques, her knowledge, her compassion and her ways of making me feel safe, seen, validated, have made me reach in such a short time to the root of my pain and disconnection from my authentic self. Thank you for helping me recognize, accept and integrate all parts of me and for giving me the necessary instruments to live a life free of triggers and wounds, connected, present and at peace with myself and my loved ones. (mom, USA)

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