7 Ideas for a Back-To-School 2022 Smooth Transition

If you live in the United States, summer vacation is over; a new school year starts next week. This transition is difficult for both children and parents.

Here are 7 ideas to smooth the transition from summer vacation to “back to school” in a way that’s connecting, fun and effortless:

1. Expect tantrums and emotional episodes.

  • don’t be surprised by excessive dysregulation (crying, aggression, sadness, withdrawal, lack of cooperation, etc);
  • be prepared to listen and hold space for your child without judgement; ( *read my previous articles on how to listen well);

2. Expect you to feel overwhelmed and even mentally exhausted.

  • summer vacation was fun, but also “a lot of work”: trips, outdoor activities, family reunions, and lack of sleep- it all feels like you had no break at all;
  • pay attention to your mental and emotional states often during the day; take a deep breath and pause for 3 seconds before you react;
  • ask for help from the other parent, family and friends- whenever possible;

3. Be OK with GOOD ENOUGH.

  • it is OK if you haven’t bought all school supplies on the list because the stores ran out of supplies; you will buy the rest in the next one week or so… your child’s teacher probably doesn’t need everything in the first week;
  • adopt “It’s good enough!” in all tasks that you feel overwhelmed by;

4. Have a Connection Plan for the next 7-10 days.

  • your child needs extra attention to feel supported and safe in this transition;
  • plan for connection time each day; even 10 minutes will make a difference;
  • you can offer Special Time to your child every day, or play with him/her with undivided attention and total enthusiasm for that short time; (*read my previous articles on Special Time and Play to Connect);

5. Take a break from social media this week.

  • numerous studies show the negative impact of social media on our mental health because it prompts comparisons- which usually result in us feeling “less than”;
  • in case you feel the urge to post your perfect 1-st day of school pictures- ask yourself WHY? Why am I posting? What need of mine am I looking to satisfy by posting? ( *read my previous article called 7 Lessons I ‘ve Learned in 3 Days of NO Social Media)
  • as an alternative, you can send photos to your family and close friends via private messages;

6. Make SLEEP a priority for the entire family, starting with YOU.

  • when we sleep the brain does the vital work of self- cleaning and replenishing with new energy;
  • sleep- deprived humans (young and old) become “thinking-impared”: children will have a hard time listening and following instructions; parents will have a hard time being patient, playful and calm;
  • aim at minimum 7 hours/night for you; 8-9 hours/ night for your children;

7. Practice GRATITUDE for your children.

  • a lot is happening in the world right now; your life may not be where you would want it to be ( yet!), but if you and your children are healthy, that’s all you need right now;
  • remember not to get caught in the “race to nowhere”; keep the big vision in mind;
  • make it a daily practice to tell your children that you love them and that you are grateful for being their mom or dad;
  • create a gratitude ritual as a family.
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