You and Your Mask + PLAY Workshop

Every few years I re-read the book that transformed my view on myself and others: Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self, by Lise Bourbeau. This book is a must read for everyone on a personal healing journey, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Here are the 5 wounds that all of us carry to different degrees, out of which one or two are dominant:

  • abandonment
  • rejection
  • betrayal
  • injustice
  • humiliation

According to the author, each wound gave birth to a mask (personality) that we developed very early on in childhood, most likely under the age of 5. Therefore, we are totally identified with our mask – ‘this is who I am’- until / unless we start a conscious process of separation between the Self and the mask. I help parents do just that in my program.

Here are the 5 wounds and their respective masks:

  • abandonment – DEPENDENT mask
  • rejection – WITHDRAWAL mask
  • betrayal – CONTROLLER mask
  • injustice – RIGIDITY mask
  • humiliation – MASOCHIST mask

Healing these wounds and their respective masks is possible and NEEDED if we don’t want to pass them on to our children. The steps to healing are not always easy, but they are necessary:

  1. self- awareness
  2. taking responsibility
  3. self- compassion and compassion for our own parents, and their parents
  4. radical love, care and acceptance of our true Self.

Whatever dominant mask you are in, it doesn’t let you live your life at your fullest potential, and all your interpersonal relationships are already affected. Also, it doesn’t let you PLAY with your kids as they need you to.  Play is the most natural way for parents and children to connect… so I am inviting you to focus on play in 2024.


I will facilitate this 5-hour workshop in person. We will actually play, for real! No more talking about play, but ACTUALLY RE-LEARN HOW TO PLAY.
We will discuss briefly:
1) how the brain works, and how we create safety in play
2) how trauma affects our ability to play.

Contact me directly on my mobile phone to reserve your spot- 12 participants maximum. If you don’t have my phone number, message me on Instagram @prof_mihaela or email.  Can’t wait to see you there! Let’s play!

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