Parents are leaders. You are a leader

Hello, my dear parent friend…

Leading others is only possible when we can lead ourselves. Therefore, Self-Leadership is a prerequisite to creating the life we want in our parenting, intimacy, friendships and business.

Yes, you’ve heard me! Parents are leaders. You are a leader. Conscious Parenting and Authentic Leadership (Self-Leadership) require the same qualities from an individual:

  • deep listening abilities
  • empathy
  • trust in the self and others
  • compassion for the self and others
  • inclusivity
  • judgement-free mindset
  • generosity
  • commitment to personal growth and self-awareness
  • communication skills
  • seeing the other as a mirror for self-improvement
  • prioritizing win-win relationships
  • punishment-free problem solving
  • being driven by a higher purpose.

However, leaders need support. Parents need support. You need support. Nobody does it alone. Let’s join our minds and hearts and support each other today!

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