Mom, dad, I am bored! 3 ideas to help your child

Hello, dear conscious parent 💟!

Summer is here. Kids are out of school and on vacation: a time of play, recharge and relaxation. Unfortunately, most children find themselves in a state of “boredom” when they are not on their digital devices or in a structured activity (like a summer camp).

First, I want to explain the meaning behind: “Mom, Dad, I AM BORED!“. Please take these suggestions as starting points in your thinking process – not all children are the same, and not all families are the same. These are common root-causes of “boredom” in children of all ages.

  1. Your child feels disconnected, alone, confused and afraid to try new things on his/her own ( do not blame them, please!).
  2. Your child spends an unhealthy amount of  time on digital devices and screens.
  3. Your child hasn’t developed (yet) the confidence and skills to manage unstructured time on their own.
Second, I am inviting you to consider these 3 BIG IDEAS to help your child:
  1. Check in with yourself every time you hear “Mom/ Dad, I am bored!”. What emotions does it trigger? Do you feel anxious? How do you react in the moment? Are you thinking you are failing as a parent? What else are you thinking? As long as you are reactive, you can’t help your child, no matter how hard you try.
  2. Stop what you’re doing and reconnect with your child. Give them a hug; listen to what they’re complaining about without judgement or advice. Play with them in a way that’s safe and connecting. {*Read Playful Parenting, book by dr. Larry Cohen}.
  3. Set firm limits around screen time. Decrease screen time and video gaming. Replace that time with 1:1 time with each child; outdoor activities; free play; family rituals; and totally unstructured time for each child, so they can get  in touch with their imagination and creativity.

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