Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day! 💐💐💐

To all MOMS, in case you forgot:

  • you are the real superhero of our times;
  • you are the glue that holds the family together;
  • you are the safe shelter for your children;
  • you have super-powers like no other movie hero;
  • you remember everyone’s birthdays, doctor appointments, school dates, lunch boxes, and so much more;
  • you cry, laugh, play, and deeply care – all in one day, with so much grace and giving;
  • you are enough;

Also to all MOMS, because you deserve to:

  • take more time for yourself (me-time), regularly;
  • build sisterhood around you; have other women close to you to help and support each other;
  • look after your inner children (old pain) and emotional triggers;
  • find a mentor;
  • invest in your creativity and self-expression;
  • speak up; voice your needs and wants at home and at work;
  • seek help if you are in an abusive relationship; don’t let shame isolate you even further; healing and recovery are available to you;
  • practice infinite self- compassion.

To our moms, aunts, grandmothers and all women- caregivers in our lives and the Planet at large,
We love you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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